about me 

Height: 6"1   |   Eye Color: Green   |   Hair Color: Light Brown

Based in NYC and always rearing up for new opportunities!



An Ideal Husband   |   Mason   | Marymount Manhattan College

The Trip                  |   Tim        | Marymount Manhattan College

Hairspray                |   Brad       | Buford Performing Arts Center


Subway Lovers                          |  Jeremy   | FIT

Sketch Comedy Extravaganza   |  Lead       | Marymount Manhattan College

 Training & Workshops 

Marymount Manhattan College   |    Acting  |   John Basil - David Mold

Marymount Manhattan College   |  Voice and Speech  |   Jeff Morrison

Marymount Manhattan College  |    Shakespeare    |   John Basil

 Special Skills 

Roller Blading, Paddle Boarding, Burp on Command, Unicycling, Chess, Swimming, Modeling, Whistling, Biking, Beginners Parkour

   Dialects: Standard Received Pronunciation, Southern

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